QHSSE Standards

At Storm Energy, maintaining the highest QHSSE standards throughout our supply chain is a priority. As part of our commitment to excellence, we extend our QHSSE principles to our subcontracted partners. 

By incorporating these principles into all aspects of our operations, we guarantee maximum safety, reliability, and excellence across our supply chain.

To ensure continuous alignment and consistency in delivering quality service, we conduct regular performance evaluations that cover:

storm energy safety standards

The inspectors we subcontract are highly skilled, accredited, and have extensive knowledge in oil trading QHSSE practices. Through a collaborative approach, we liaise with them regularly and encourage constant improvement to maintain compliance with our QHSSE protocols.

Storage Tanks / Trucks / Pipelines

Subcontracted storage tank providers, transporters and pipeline operators are evaluated based on their track record and commitment to our QHSSE protocols. We make contractual agreements that detail all QHSSE obligations, and we monitor operations through routine audits, inspections, and incident reporting to ensure our QHSSE standards are met.

Barges / Vessels

Subcontracted vessels or barges are selected based on their adherence to international maritime standards and environmental credentials. Our agreements comprise QHSSE requirements including regular inspections, maintenance, and safety protocols. Finally, we ensure that strict security measures are in place to protect the personnel, cargo, and the environment against potential threats.

We are committed to upholding QHSSE excellence across all our supply chain, including subcontracted operations. Through careful selection, contractual obligations, and effective collaboration, we uphold QHSSE standards guaranteeing employee safety, asset protection, and minimal environmental impact.

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