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Our Products


Our current supply locations for Diesel in the Southern Africa region include:

•    Beira, Mozambique
•    Msasa and Feruka, Zimbabwe
•    Dar es Salaam and Tanga, Tanzania
•    Walvis Bay, Namibia

storm energy products
storm energy products

Unleaded Petrol

We supply Unleaded Petrol (or Gasoline) from the following locations to the Southern African region:

•    Beira, Mozambique
•    Msasa and Feruka, Zimbabwe
•    Dar es Salaam and Tanga, Tanzania
•    Walvis Bay, Namibia


Ethanol is supplied ex-tank in Msasa and Feruka, Zimbabwe.

storm energy products
storm energy products


Our Blend product is also supplied ex-tank in Msasa and Feruka, Zimbabwe. The ratio of Unleaded Petrol and Ethanol for the blend is determined by the regulatory authority through a statutory instrument.


We recently expanded our product range to include bulk Bitumen 50/70, 70/100 and 35/100 grades. Our Bitumen can be conveniently shipped in Drums or in Containers and transported by trucks to various locations throughout Southern Africa, ensuring efficient delivery and swift accessibility.

storm energy products
storm energy products


We are planning to supply and deliver LPG across the region. We understand the growing demand for LPG and are committed to meeting the market’s needs.

Our Services


At Storm Energy, sourcing products from reliable suppliers is a fundamental part of our business. Through strong partnerships with major industry players, we have access to a diverse range of petroleum products. Our dedicated team evaluates suppliers meticulously, procuring only from trusted sources known for quality and reliability.

We source products from our extensive network in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.  Our diverse supply chain offers flexibility, adapting to market fluctuations while maintaining cost-effective supply and competitive pricing.  

storm energy services

Our Competitive Advantages

Arbitrage Opportunities

Monitoring arbitrage opportunities in energy reflects our commitment to delivering added value. Our traders constantly evaluate price differentials, analysing market trends and fluctuations. By staying informed about price disparities across regions, we optimise procurement decisions, providing competitive pricing without compromising product quality and/or timely delivery.

Real-time Price Comparison

We ensure full transparency by consistently comparing prices from reputable suppliers in real time. Leveraging advanced technology, we analyse pricing data to negotiate favorable terms and pass on cost savings to our customers. Our pricing accurately reflects market dynamics and remains competitive.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the highest quality standards is a top priority at Storm Energy. We collaborate closely with suppliers and partners to implement rigorous quality control measures. Adhering to industry regulations and best practices, we guarantee the integrity of our supply chain and the quality of the petroleum products we handle.

storm energy services


Efficient logistics are crucial in the energy business. At Storm Energy, our global operations and logistics teams work tirelessly to monitor and manage transportation in real-time. With round-the-clock coverage, we ensure prompt and reliable deliveries.

To ensure timely deliveries, we utilize a well-organized logistics network. Our fleet of trucks and efficient pipeline systems enable swift transportation from ports such as Dar es Salaam, Beira, Msasa, and Walvis Bay, while advanced tracking systems provide real-time transportation updates.

Our commitment to excellence extends to Last-Mile Delivery, as we streamline operations, optimize delivery routes, and prioritize customer service. We also manage delivery losses and consistently strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our Competitive Advantages

Transporter Selection

We work with reputable transporters that have reliable fleets and high operation standards and employ live satellite tracking technology for real-time updates.


Our team has an in-depth knowledge and experience in transporting fuel globally.


We prioritize transparency and regularly update our customers on fuel deliveries, nurturing long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Route Optimization

We plan delivery routes strategically, thus achieving cost-effective logistics management.


Storm Energy has remarkable and robust financing capabilities, which is the cornerstone to our success in energy trading.  We are proud to have established long-term trusted relationships with leading international banks and trade finance institutions worldwide.

Our track record is a testament to our financial capability and credibility in the market. We consistently secure the needed funding to turn our projects into tangible realities.
Our financial approach follows the principles of traditional bilateral trade finance facilities – secured, self-liquidating, and revolving.

This strategy, combined with our understanding of market dynamics, key players, and challenges in Africa, guarantees our ability to secure the necessary funding to fuel our regional growth.
We extend our financial capability to our partners and customers, providing reliable support that empowers local entities, including third-party buyers, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), and governments. 

By facilitating trades and transactions that would otherwise be financially inaccessible, we boost their business performance, profitability, and overall growth.
Our long-term strategy has allowed us to build and maintain loyal relationships, drive sustainable economic development, and contribute to prosperity of the communities in which we operate in.

storm energy services
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