• What is self-consumption?

    We speak about self-consumption when an household is directly consuming electricity produced internally. It is the case for houses equipped with solar panels connected ahead of the energy meter for example.

    By self-consuming, you reduce your electricity bill and become more autonomous.

  • How to install your battery?

    Our battery is very easy to install: you just have to connect it on any plug of the house and that's all. Yes, it is as easy as plugging a fridge!
  • What is the lifetime of your battery?

    Our batteries are made to last at least 10 years. After that, you can renew your subscription for a lower price and get a new battery.
  • How much does you solution cost?

    13€/month, and nothing else. The battery is made available to you as soon as you subscribe.
  • Is your battery compatible with all type of solar panels?

    Yes! It can work with all kind of photovoltaic panels. To enjoy full potential, just make sure you are self-consuming your PV electricity.

  • Do you sell solar panels?

    No we do not. Our expertise is batteries but we can recommend you PV installers that we believe will take a good care of you.
  • Can I get some subsidies to buy a battery?

    You can have subsidies to buy and install solar panels, however, there are no support to buy a battery. Luckily for you, with our offer, your battery is inherently profitable.
  • I heard lithium batteries are dangerous. Is it true?

    Lithium-ion technology evolved a lot these last years. With the new generation of batteries used in the StormPack, we can assure you it is safe.
  • Is it true that batteries are polluting?

    As every object, making a battery consumes ressources and energy. By comparing the production of the battery to its impact during the next 10 years, one can see that batteries are not bad for the environment.

    Moreover, our batteries are recycled at their end of life.