Storm Energy revolutionise energy storage

You have solar panels? We have a unique and profitable offer for you to store and self-consume your electricity.
Take the plunge and join the energy transition driving force!

Our vision : a carbon-free energy mix

At Storm Energy we want to make possible for everyone to act for the energy transition by producing and storing green electricity with solar batteries.

An increasing need for electricity storage

New electricity usages and penetration of renewable energies both make energy storage necessary. Batteries are the best technical solution to bring the flexibility the grid needs.


StormConnect offer

It's as easy as a phone subscription!

You subscribe online.

You dispose of a battery at home, that can be connected through any plug of the house.

The battery manages itself to make you reach 60% of self-consumption.

All of that for only 13€/month!

Thanks to your StormPack

You multiply by two your self-consumption and become more independant energetically. Your solar panels have never been so profitable!

Whoever your electricity supplier is, you save from 15% to 50% on your electricity bill. Who said that the energy transition would cost you money?

You reduce your carbon footprint by 100 kg of CO2 annually, and act directly for the development of sustainable energies.

New generation energy storage

The strength of Storm Energy is to fully exploit the potential of your battery. When you are not using it (during your holidays or rainy days, for example) we use the battery to bring flexibility to the electrical grid. This avoids using polluting thermal power plant during peak hours, or in case of renewable power source fluctuations.

Subscribe to StormConnect

Subscribing to StormConnect and starting to store your electricity production, is very easy.

1 - Subscribe

You create you account online. Then you can subscribe to our service StormConnect and order your battery. 

On our website or on the app, you always have access to your account.

2 - Delivery

As soo as we receive your order, we deliver the battery to your home. The delivery is free. 

The deliverer put the package where you want to install your StormPack.

3 - Plug the battery

To startup your battery system, you just need to take it out of its box and to connect it on any plug of your house. 

Just follow the instructions on the screen to initialise on the system.

4 - You are self-consuming!

Your battery controls itself thanks to our advanced software. Our artificial intelligence maximises your self-consumption while bringing flexibility to the grid when needed.

You follow online, and on your smartphone, your savings and the key parameters of the battery.

Let's keep in touch!

Interested in our solution ? Give us your email address ! We will inform you about the project evolution, and you will be the first one to know when our battery system is commercially available.